About LoggerDaisy™


Millions of existing sensors and controllers in various industries require direct human interaction in order to collect and process the data acquired from sensors and controllers. Those are connected by cables and have different messaging and transport protocols. Data collected from them usually manually by operators and in a format that not allows any direct analytics and data mining.

LoggerDaisy brings not only cloud based software platform and mobile applications, but as well a number of hardware interfaces and PCB development kits that allow millions of existing sensors and controllers to be integrated into our platform over wireless internet connection utilizing HTTP, MQTT and Modbus transports.

We provide custom made WIFI, LoRa and Bluetooth enabled sensing modules for monitoring indoor air quality, gases, surrounding area or environment, fruit ripening and other purposes that can be programmed for data collection in real time, with time intervals or based on an event.

Any kind of existing industrial and residential use sensors and controllers that provide digital or analog outputs also can be integrated into LoggerDaisy Cloud and you can access it via any web browser or with your mobile device.

Hobbyists and hardware enthusiasts can benefit from number of industrial grade PCB modules we designe and produce to be used in various data sensing projects.

Data collected from sensors and controllers is stored at LoggerDaisy Cloud and available via real-time data analytics tool that allows you to have overview on environment logged at very same moment as events occur, as well with querying historical data and present it in form of graphs or printable reports.

Number of APIs (Application Programming Interface) provided by LoggerDaisy allows third-party hardware and software integration that allows creation of applications which access the features and data of our platform.

LoggerDaisy also provides infrastructure design and operational training on site to insure smooth integration and functionality of sensing components that takes part in LoggerDaisy Cloud.