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Logger Daisy

Internet of Sensors

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About LoggerDaisy

Collecting and logging environmental data around you
LoggerDaisy™ designs and produces own sensor modules for various industries like Cold Chain, HVAC, Smart Home and others. Together with Gedank Rayze BV (The Netherlands) and Skitsanos Inc (BVI) we have performed number of lab tests and data analyses on impacts of various gases and volatile organic compounds on fruits and vegetables post harvest, ripening and rotting.
LoggerDaisy™ hardware and software components come as the Industrial Internet of Things (IOT): a network of physical objects, system platforms, and applications that contain embedded technology to communicate and share intelligence with each other, the external environment, and with people.
Established in Bucharest, Romania, run by most innovative minds with great industry experience, LoggerDaisy™ offers not just another data on the cloud solution with some sensors, we provide true Plug&Sense modules that we design and manufacture. WIFI enabled modules with extremely low power consumption can be used in residential or industrial environment.
PCB prototyping
Product design
Software Development
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What we do

More than just sensors and loggers

Data in the cloud

Your data is safe, all modules sends their logs directly to the LoggerDaisy Cloud and you can access this data anytime from anywhere.

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We understand your need for something custom, specific only to your business processes and operations, let's talk, we can handle it.

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24/7 Availability

As your database and user load grow, we scale the data layer for you. That means you can focus on your app, while we handle load balancing and high availability.

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Easy to setup
Any browser
Mobile acces
Realtime Reporting

How to start

Three simple steps to setup your data logging


Once you obtained your LoggerDaisy module, register it at LoggerDaisy cloud to start using it. It is totally free.



Once registered, add your module in the list of devices and setup data values that you want to be reported as alerts.



Place your LoggerDaisy module at location that you want to have monitored, power it up and start collecting your data.

Personal use

Using LoggerDaisy at home or in the office to track how healthy things around you, gas leaks, smoke and variety of other metrics


Industrial use

Complex LoggerDaisy applications, like warehouse ambient conditions monitoring, fruit respiration analytics and more